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Inspire Eternity

Inspire Eternity (former: Inspiration Medical Laser) was found in 2010 by Dr. Somtrakoon Jittichairat. He had worked in aesthetic field for 9 years, experienced problems and needs from his patients and customers. Therefore, he continuously studied and researched by taking advance courses and researched more on medical engineering. His intention to find medical devices and products to best suit Thai people has never changed.

Inspire Eternity consists of management team from professional backgrounds such as doctor, pharmacist and engineer. Clients then can be confident on our quality products and reliable services. Moreover, we have regular training programs for all our service staffs especially our Product Trainer team to answer all clients’ needs.

Inspire Eternity will continue our improvements to be part of our clients’ success. We will always serve clients with our philosophy in mind:

“Inspiration = Honest + Improvement + Quality Products + Trusted Services”

Contact Information


Product Inquiry
Tel. +66 2930 1031 Ext.106


Technical Support
Tel. +66 2930 1031 Ext.102


The Doctor Support
Tel. +66 2930 1031 Ext.101

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